Goals & Strategy

Goal I: Support Business Development, Innovation and Attract Industry

Strategy 1 – Support the startup, expansion and retention of local businesses

A. Leverage SIU research for economic development

B. Encourage entrepreneurship

C. Expand existing business retention and expansion program

Strategy 2 - Ensure adequate sites and infrastructure for industrial development

A. Consider the development of a business park adjacent to the Southern Illinois Airport

B. Continue to promote the expansion of Highway 127 North to Interstate 64

C. Continue to support the development of other business sites in Jackson County

Strategy 3 – Enhance industry recruitment efforts

A. Implement a targeted marketing campaign

Goal II: Grow, Retain and Attract Talent

Strategy 1 – Leverage higher education and workforce training assets to develop talent

A. Strengthen relationships between Southern Illinois University Carbondale, John A. Logan College and the area business community

B. Promote training and skills programs for workforce development

Strategy 2 – Strengthen Jackson County’s leadership base

A. Raise awareness of issues and support for economic development among existing leadership in Jackson County

B. Expand the scope of existing leadership programs

C. Establish an Ambassadors Program to serve as a response team for economic development leads and assist in marketing the county

Strategy 3 – Market to individuals and organizations that have existing ties to Jackson County as a means of promoting the county as a destination of talent

A. Raise awareness of opportunities among SIUC’s alumni network

B. Establish a marketing campaign inviting former residents to “come home”

C. Implement a retiree/tourism attraction strategy for Jackson County

Goal III: Enhance and Promote Quality of Place

Strategy 1 – Promote recreational, entertainment and cultural activities

A. Promote and expand recreation options

B. Leverage SIUC to provide entertainment and cultural activities

Strategy 2 – Support redevelopment and revitalization of Jackson County’s downtowns

A. Encourage and promote redevelopment activities in Jackson County downtowns

B. Assist existing and new businesses to expand and locate in downtown