Southern Illinois Airport

The Southern Illinois Airport ranks as one of the busiest airports in the State of Illinois. Three lighted, hard surface runways provide all-weather capability. A precision instrument approach is available on the airport's primary runway.  

The airport is capable of accommodating a variety of aircraft up to and including the Boeing 757. Sufficient aircraft ramps and tie-down spaces exist for a large and varied number of aircraft. Hangar space is available for based and transient aircraft up to and including the Gulfstream V. 

An air traffic control tower operates from 7 am to 9 pm each day and an ASOS weather facility operates on a 24-hour basis. In addition to the ASOS, Southern Illinois University staffs a weather station in the terminal building that is available for public use.  

The current daytime population at the airport is 350 and this will increase to 550 in 2012 with the completion of the Transportation Education Center and Armory National Guard Readiness Center projects.

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Transportation Education Center

TECThe completion of the new $63 million SIUC Transportation Education Center in 2012 will house the SIUC School of Transportation and will include the nationally recognized SIUC Aviation Technologies, Flight and Management Programs and nation’s #1 Automotive Technologies Program. Three new buildings will include classrooms, labs. Simulator areas and engine test cells.

Armory National Guard Readiness Center

The $11 million Armory National Guard Readiness Center will be completed in 2011 and will consist of two new buildings totaling approximately 50,000 square feet. This project is being funded by the Department of Defense and replaces and consolidates current operations in Carbondale, Cairo and Marion. The facility will house 17 full time staff and accommodate 275 weekend guard and reserve members.

Development Sites

The Southern Illinois Airport has more than 100 acres available for development by
transportation and non-transportation related businesses. Some properties have direct taxiway access. Long term leases and sale of property is possible. Financing and build-to-suit options are available through third party providers.

SI Airport

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SI Airport